Now Renting!

Now Renting! Now Renting! Now Renting!


 Welcome to your new home. We at Kreative Management are pleased to call you our neighbor. One of the many features that make our properties fantastic is our residents’ willingness to adhere to the community rules.

Please conduct your activities in and around the premises so you do not interfere with the rights, comforts or conveniences of fellow residents.

The following rules are part of your lease and must be followed. Noncompliance with these rules may be grounds for termination of your lease. 

Community Rules


The Tenant shall not use any appliance in addition to those supplied by the Landlord without first obtaining the written consent of the Landlord. The Tenant shall properly care for all appliances supplied by the Landlord and notify the Landlord if such appliances require repair; further, any damage to such appliances shall be paid for by the Tenant.


Balconies or patios may not be used for storage or hanging clothes. No carpeting of balconies/patios is allowed unless approved by Management. In accordance with local laws and safety concerns, no gas or charcoal BBQ's are permitted on balconies, patios or garages. Plants are permitted but Residents are expected to put protection under plants to prevent water or dirt from staining the balcony or patio area or leaking to any other balcony or patio area. Residents will be responsible for any water or material falling from a balcony area or damage done to a balcony or patio. Care should be taken with pots to use natural dirt and planting material that is not flammable. Some fertilizers and potting material are combustible when placed in heat or sun and should not be used in the balcony or patio area.


Please always have consideration for your neighbors by keeping the noise level down. Residents are encouraged to handle complaints between themselves. However, if Resident communication does not work, please contact the landlord. Please remember you are responsible for your guests and their conduct.

Individual apartments, and the apartment community, are to be used exclusively as a private residence. All business and commercial uses are prohibited. Residents are expected to have periodic guests and visitors at their apartment for social and family purposes. If the number of guests and visitors is excessive in terms of total number or its tendency to disturb fellow Residents, then Owner may ask Resident to restrict or limit the number of visitors. Excessive traffic from visitors or visits at unusual hours is a disturbance and violation of the Community Rules



Elevators are to be used for moving in and personal transportation only from floor to floor. Do not use elevators in case of fire and severe weather.


In case of fire, evacuate the premises and call 911.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures posted in the building.  If you have a maintenance emergency that could result in personal and/or property damage, contact management immediately.


Management reserves the right to exclude Resident’s guests from the community by giving such guests a trespass notice and advising Residents that such guests are no longer permitted at the Resident’s home or the community. A no-trespass notice may be given for persons or guests that formerly lived at the community, or were visitors at the community, and were asked to vacate by Management or if such guests pose or are reasonably believed to pose a danger to the health, safety, morals, or quiet enjoyment of the community or employees of Management.

Guests must be accompanied by the host adult Resident when using any of the facilities. Management exercises the right to limit/prohibit guests. Owner must be notified in writing of guests of Residents who are expected to stay in the apartment for more than 14 days per lease term. Any guest staying in the apartment for more than 14 days, must complete a Rental Application and upon approval, must be added to the Lease as a roommate.

Excessive numbers of guests, or visits by persons that are subject to a no-trespass notice are deemed to constitute a disturbance. See “Disturbances".


The Owner is not responsible for any damage or injury suffered by the Resident, Resident’s guests or children or Resident’s property. The Owner is not responsible for the actions of, or any damages, injury or harm caused by third parties, such as other Residents, guest’s intruders or trespassers. Damages to you or your property, including lost use or interruption of your Lease, moving costs or temporary lodging due to casualties such as burst pipes, leaking ceilings or basements, backed up sewer or water overflow, weather damages, vandalism, theft, etc..., will not be paid for by Owner or Owners’ insurance.

Renter’s insurance is required per the lease terms. It is the responsibility of the Resident to obtain and maintain in force a current policy.


It is our desire to maintain this community in quality condition. We appreciate receiving written notices and requests for repairs and preventative maintenance. Please report all requests to the landlord. Generally, there is no charge for repairs and maintenance; however, if the repair is above normal wear and tear or due to Resident negligence or misuse, the Resident will be assessed the cost of repair and labor.

A request for repair or service work is considered notice to the Resident that Management will be entering your unit to inspect or perform service. Management will attempt to inform you in advance of the time when work or service may be done.

Plumbing: Kitchen sink disposal units (if applicable), cannot properly dispose of metal, glass, paper, fibrous material, grease, or bones. The toilet plumbing cannot accommodate sanitary products, diapers, paper other than toilet paper, bottles, bottle caps, toys, grease, cat litter, etc... Costs incurred for repairs due to misuse will be charged to the Resident.

Miscellaneous: Residents should not use sharp objects for removing ice from the refrigerator/freezer. These objects can cause serious and extensive damage to the freezer mechanism. We will charge for the repair of such damage. Do not affix any objects or adhesives to the walls, doors, woodwork or appliances without written approval. Any damage to walls, woodwork or appliances will be the Resident’s responsibility. No hole should be drilled in the ceiling. Small nails or tacks for hanging pictures are permitted but heavy objects, shelving or other fixtures should not be installed in the apartment without Management’s written permission.

Bathtubs and vanity tops should be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner. Decals are not allowed to be put in the tubs. Shower curtains/liners must be used. Remember to always check to make sure the shower liner is inside of the tub when using the shower.

Light bulbs replacement is the responsibility of the Resident. 


Resident agrees to hold Owner harmless from any and all damages incurred to vehicles, personal belongings and persons.

Each Resident is responsible for the safety of his or her own vehicle. Management is not responsible for theft, vandalism, or any form of damage incurred on the premises, whether in a common area parking lot, assigned parking space, or any garage space, to vehicles.

Parking Lot: All vehicles must be registered with the office. All vehicles parked in the parking lot must be in running condition, have current license plates, inspected and registered with the Province.

Residents who will be leaving town for 14 days or more must notify Management and arrange to have keys available if the vehicle has to be moved. Failure to adhere to these policies may result in towing of the vehicle at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Parking area is solely for the general usage of cars and vehicles. Parking commercial vehicles or boats, trailers, campers, or large trucks or vans is not permitted unless Management’s consent is obtained.

Vehicle repair work, vehicle maintenance or car washing is prohibited. 


Garages: Management assumes no responsibility for the safekeeping of personal property in garage areas. Residents who store or leave personal property in any garage do so at their own risk and agree that they will make no claim or demand to Management for any loss or damage to property that occurs. There is a greater risk of theft, vandalism, or exposure to elements including water in garages and Resident assumes this risk without recourse to Management in leaving or storing property in a garage.

Automatic garage door openers are to be used by adult Residents only. (If you lose your garage door opener, there is a replacement fee).

Children are prohibited from playing in the garage area(s) including in and around the garage entrance and exit doors.

Resident agrees not to store anything in violation of any statute, regulation, or city ordinance. This includes but is not limited to storage of explosives or highly flammable materials or goods or any environmentally hazardous substances or materials.

The garage area must be maintained in good and clean condition. Vehicle repair or vehicle maintenance work is prohibited.

Common Room

See Common Room rules


See Pet Addendum


Rent is due on or before the first day of each month. Rent is paid via auto withdrawal.


A late fee will be charged per your Lease. Failure to pay rent, or other charges due under the Lease, on a timely basis is a lease violation. Owner’s assessment of a late fee partially compensates Owner for the additional time and inconvenience in processing late payments. The late fee does not constitute a waiver for forgiveness of Resident’s noncompliance with the Lease. Repeated late payment of rent may be grounds for Owner to not renew a lease or for eviction.

Security Disclaimer

Although we make every effort to keep our building, the units, our tenants safe and your rental community safe and secure, its Owner or Manager does not provide, guarantee, or warrant security. We do not represent that your unit or the rental community is safe from criminal activities by other Residents or third parties. Each Resident must be responsible for his or her own personal security and that of their household, children or property. If you observe any suspicious activity or potentially unsafe conditions, please notify Management. If illegal or immediately dangerous or unsafe conditions are observed, call 911. Remember: please call the police first if trouble occurs or if a potential crime is suspected.


The Gower is a non-smoking environment.  No smoking or vaping will occur in or on the premises, or the land that the building resides on. 

Complaints of discourteous smoking, vaping or violation of these rules, is grounds for Lease non-renewal or termination. Any unit that requires additional treatment to remove smoking or vaping stains or odors, will be assessed extra charges on the performance deposit disposition for damage that is considered beyond ordinary wear and tear.

Storage Lockers

By order of the Fire Marshall, all storage lockers must have a lock.

Storage locker rooms must be kept clear. Nothing may be stored in the storage locker area that will not fit in your personal locker. Items placed outside personal lockers are considered to create a fire hazard and is a violation of the fire code. Anything found in the locker room outside of the lockers may be discarded. We are not responsible for stolen or damaged items. Flammable liquids or any environmentally hazardous substance or material must not be stored in the storage lockers and storage locker rooms.


Owner is responsible in supplying heat and air condition for each unit. Wires and hook ups for internet, phone, cable will be installed. However, it is the tenant’s responsibility to purchase their own hydro, internet, cable, phone if required.

Window Coverings

Blinds are installed in all of the units and on all windows. If any changes are requested, please speak to management for approval. 

Snow Removal/Lawn Care

Management assumes the responsibility for snow removal, lawn cutting and lawn maintenance.

Waste Management

All waste/compost/recyclables shall be collected and sorted as required by IWMC and placed in the areas designated by the Landlord and at such times which it may designate, all in conformity with Department of Health or any other Municipal authority having jurisdiction over regulations and any applicable recycling regulations. It is expressly agreed and understood, however, that garbage shall not be stored outside the Rented Premises at any time unless in facilities designated by the Landlord.


The Tenant covenants and agrees to comply with each of the rules and regulations herein and, upon notice, any additions or amendments thereto